Are you the next:
  • Einstein?
  • Steve Jobs?
  • Marie Curie?
  • Mark Twain?
  • Ansel Adams?
  • Linus Torvalds?
  • Alan Turing?
  • Humphrey Bogart?
  • Marlyn Monroe?
  • Liberace?
If you have that creative streak, that dash of talent, that special insight, I want to interview you for a new Roku channel I'm setting up now. Specifically, I'm looking for people LESS well known. You could be a pizza delivery person working on a new mathematical theorem in your spare time, a musician, writer, artist, engineer, scientist or inventor. Why is this being done? Because sometimes a good idea can break out if only one tenth of one percent more people know about it. That's what this is all about. And, there's no charge. Tell me a little about yourself; please don't put any proprietary information in the form. Just tell me generally what you want to talk about. The "mini" documentaries I'll produce will be very informal and let other people get to know you. And don't worry if you don't look like a movie star...I sure don't, so don't let anything stop you from telling your story. Talk to you soon!